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Finish-Free Knits


Finish-Free Knits
No-Sew Garments in Classic Styles

by: Kristen TenDyke
Interweave Press, 2012

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Imagine knitting a beautiful sweater without the stressful obstacles of sewing, seaming, and grafting.

Welcome to knitwear designer Kristen TenDyke's world of Finish-Free Knits! While exploring these 20 designs, you will discover stitch-free solutions to previously frustrating obstacles needed to finish a design.

Kristen will teach you to knit sweaters with no assembly required. Through clever planning and some simple techniques, the projects in Finish-Free Knits are shaped and joined during knitting  without sacrificing the pockets, buttonbands, shaped collars, and more that is accomplished in most designs by sewing together separate pieces. In addition, learn how to shape armholes, join pieces as you go, use short-rows for shaping, and more.

Once these stress-free finishing techniques are learned, you will enjoy the freedom to apply variations of each method in projects beyond the book. With Finish-Free Knits you can avoid the dreaded "Some Assembly Required" phrase forever.

  Ease Tank Joy Lace Tunic Harmony Dress  
  Bliss Top Peace Tunic Serenity Shrug  
  Unity Pullover Divine Vest Whisper Tunic  
  Hope Top Honor Pullover Delight Pullover  
  Calm Tee Balance Pullover Tranquility Tunic  
  Light Bolero Grace Cardi Warmth Top  
  Trust Pullover Beauty Cardi    


  From Jenny: It looks absolutely lovely. It's sure to inspire many, many people. Just looking at the pics of your gorgeous pieces gets me all excited to pick up my knitting needles again. Plus, you've touched a place in my heart that revved me up to knit in the first place many years ago… of seamless, often-circular construction. Elizabeth Zimmermann not only showed me the possibilities over 30 years ago, but she truly was an author who inspired me to write. Thank you for continuing down the exciting seamless path with designs that will turn the heads of new generations and get them to pick up their knitting needles, as well!
  From Vivien: You make it easy to follow and easy to change. Thanks for a great book.


  Bliss Top Page 28:
Just before the Second Sleeve headline, after the Size 49¾" Inc Row, all sizes should be worked as follows:
Short Row 1: With WS facing, k3 (4, 5, 5, 5, 6, 6), wrap next st, turn so RS is facing, knit to end.
Short Row 2: With WS facing, knit to 1 st before wrapped st, wrap next st, turn work so RS is facing, knit to end.
Rep the last short row 1 (2, 3, 3, 3, 4, 4) more times.
  Unity Pullover Page 47:
Cable Chart 2 should be worked as follows:
Round 1: Knit.
Round 2: P3, work cable as shown.
Round 3: Knit.
  Divine Vest Page 53:
Right Pocket:
Short Row 4: After turning, KNIT the WS row instead of purling it.
  Delight Pullover Page 86:
Left Front; Taper Sleeve:
When working the last short row, after turning, work that RS row as for the Set-Up Row of the Sleeve Cap Shaping as follows: Knit until there are 41 (42, 44, 46, 48, 49, 50) total stitches on the right needle, M1L, pm and knit to the end.
  Tranquility Tunic Page 104:
The red repeat box on the chart should be shifted 5 sts to the left on all rounds.
  Warmth Top Page 126:
The last 4 sts of the Dec Row should be worked as p2, k2 instead of k2, p2.

Body; Shape Waist:
The Dec Rnd should read as follows:
* K1, k2tog, knit to 3 sts before next m, ssk, k1; rep from *—4 sts dec'd
  Trust Pullover Page 136:
Body; Pocket:
Next Row: Work to the last 10 sts, instead of the last 6 sts as stated in the pattern.

Body; Pocket:
Dec Rnd 2 should be worked as follows:
(WS) Sl 1 pwise wyf, [p2tog] twice, purl to last 5 sts, [ssp] twice, p1.

Yoke; Shape Sleeve Caps:
Short Row-1: With RS facing, knit to m, sl m, ssk, turn work so WS is facing, sl 1 pwise wyf, sl m, purl to end.


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